Interlude I

With very little reflection, I can say that 2015 was the most dynamic, and definitely the most enlightening year of my life. I started this year very focused on, and very stressed by, a project in my professional life that I’d been solely devoted to for over three years. It ended very successfully, but it took absolutely everything I had. In the moment that my team and I finished the project, I couldn’t take a single additional step in that direction. I packed a bag and a box, then jumped on a jet plane to find a breath of fresh air. What I actually found was so much more than a simple breath. The sights my eyes were allowed to feast upon, the ideas that were both planted in and coaxed from my mind, and most importantly, the beautiful souls who so profoundly touched my life are some of the greatest gifts I’ve been given in my life. They’re second only to the love of my family. I learned many new, and better ways to look at the world. I learned more about empathy and acceptance. I learned about connection.

I also learned that I have a bit of a love for writing. One reason for this post is to apologize for that. When I realized I did, I stopped doing it for some reason, leaving the few of you who were following along with my journey hanging in the wind. Just after I posted my last blog post, I arrived in Scotland. There I spent around 24 days enjoying that stunning country, with almost all of my nights spent in a tent, before my last stop in Edinburgh. Being in a tent in Scotland, where it rained EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, was a little more inconvenient to pull out the electronics and spend time writing. At least, that’s what I told myself at the time. While completely true, there is also another reason I was silent. After the running of the bulls, the trip took a very relaxed and less action packed path. It was what I had originally planned. It was amazing. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it. However, it was not as exciting as the previous three weeks had been. I wrote about the next stretch (which I will publish someday), but it just felt like it would be a let down for the reader. There was a lot of good human interaction, but also a lot of looking at scenery and historic things. I felt it would disappoint.

After a few months of further reflection, I felt I owed at least an explanation of why there was nothing more. Recently, and utterly due to the urging of my dear little sister, I’ve completed the editing and organization of the remainder of my pictures. Over the next few months, I will finish the pedalabout blog, or at least the portion describing my 2015 trip. The writing may be a bit abbreviated, but I want to at least let you know how I made it for the second half, and share the photography. No promises on time frame, but it will happen.

Until then, thanks again to all of you, for everything.

Happy holidays, and see you soon.

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