Kit List

Bike, etc.

Surly Long Haul Trucker (“Lagertha”)
(Stock 2014 bike, except a Brooks Flyer Saddle)
Tubus Tara Front Rack
Ibera RakPak Rear Rack
Ortlieb Front Roller Classic Front Panniers
Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Rear Panniers
Ortlieb Ultimate Plus Handlebar Rack


Camping Gear

First Aid Kit
Fire Shield
2 Camp Towels
Electrical Tape
Titanium spork
MSR Whisperlite International Stove
GSI Bugaboo Camp Kitchen Set
Head Torch
Fire Starter
Cutoff Spatula
Benchmade Pocketknife
Assorted Toiletries
Rinse-less Soap

Bike Tools

Bike Multitool
Tire Levers
Tire Patch Kit
Allen Wrench Set
Spare Braze On Screws
Lezyne Hand Pump


3 Assorted Cycling T Shirts
1 Casual T Shirt
2 Pair Cycling Liners
2 Pair Light Overshorts
1 Pair Cycling Shorts
1 Pair Bluffworks Pants
1 Pair of Jeans (last minute addition, I couldn’t help it)
1 Light-Weight Long Sleeve KUIU Merino Shirt
Frogg Togg Rain Jacket
6 Pairs Socks
6 Pairs Underwear
1 Pair Ultralight Cushe Shoes
1 Pair UA Athletic Shoes
KUIU Neck Buff
KUIU Scull Cap
Ultracool Buff

Sleep Gear

Marmot 15 deg Sleeping Bag
Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
MSR Hubba Hubba Tent


Dell XPS 13 Laptop
Kindle Paperwhite
Samsung Galaxy S4
Canon T5i Camera
Canon 24-105 F/4 L IS USM Lens
Assorted Battery Packs, Chargers, Cords
Small Solar Phone Charger

Fishing Gear

Fly Reel – Loaded with 5wt line
2 Rolls Tippet
6 Assorted Leaders
(I’ll buy a rod in Scotland, and flies recommended by a local Fly Shop, hopefully)

This is mostly off of memory, so I may have missed a few small things.  I will update if I recognize anything.  I know I have too many pieces of clothing.  Everything I’ve read, all the blogs, all the kit list guides say the same thing: “You’ll end up having too many clothes.  Pack less clothing and more food.”   I know I’ll be ready to either mail some home, or chuck a few pieces within a week.  All of my clothes fit in one rear pannier, though, so I brought what I wanted while packing.

Overall, this kit fills my panniers to around 70%.  Room for food, water, and the few things I’ll surely acquire along the way.  Total kit weight, including panniers, is around 65-70 lbs.

2 responses to “Kit List”

  1. Thomas Smouse says :

    This sounds like it is going to be an awesome experience. Here’s to a great ride, awesome experiences, and a safe return. That is, if you can even come back from such an experience. You may become a lifer! Looking forward to reading about your trip and seeing your pictures.


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